Coin Specifications

Arena’s coin specifications will help stabilize supply and demand while helping with a steady growth in volume and value

  • Algorithm                                                    
    X16S PoW w/ MasterNodes
  • Block Reward
    10 Arena
  • Block Time
    2 Minutes
  • MasterNode/Pow Rewards
    40% MasterNode / 60% PoW
  • Halving
    25% Every 60k blocks
  • Block Retargeting
    Every Block – Dark Gravity Wave v3
  • MasterNode Collateral
    5000 Arena
  • Max Supply
    21 Million
 The Aim of Arena

Arena coin aims to be a easier way to purchase Digital OR In-Game goods. Our hope is to rise to be integrated into two Top MMO games. Our team is international allowing us to work around the clock. Each dedicated to making our dream a reality ‘Cause when in the Arena only one is victorious!

The Arena Platform

The Platform will be used as a medium between Arena and Digital Goods and can be integrated into the MMO website. We will also include other features such as staking and Masternode service.

Each MMO will have a separate custom platform built.


Cryptocurrency allows for anonymous and instantaneous transaction that keep your assets safe and secure.

The blockchain is a tamper-proof, append-only ledger that uses state-of-the-art cryptography.

MasterNode Sale

MasterNodes will go on sale in 2 separate stages. With each MasterNode comes one vote and a seat on the Team in the Masternode Group.

Pre-Sale MasterNode Reservation
7 October 2018

5 Slots Left!

Spots will be Held! There are 5 spots available for reservation. First come first serve.  No Deposit Required for Reservation! See Discord for details
MasterNode Sale 1
To Be Announced

24 Hours

8 MasterNodes will be available for sale. Along with each MasterNode is a seat on the team and 1 vote. See Discord for details
MasterNode Sale 2
To Be Announced

24 Hours

5 MasterNodes will be available for sale. Along with each MasterNode is a seat on the team and 1 vote. See Discord for details
  • Coin Ticker AR3NA
  • MasterNodes for Sale (Total) 18
  • MasterNode Collateral 5000 Arena
  • MasterNode Price $2000 USD
  • Max circulating supply 21 Million
  • Sale duration 24 Hours each
Download Wallet

Desktop Arena wallets are available for Windows, Linux operating systems (Mac Wallet Coming Soon!!). Once encrypted, a desktop wallet is the safest and most secure place to store your Arena Coins. They’re also very easy to encrypt and back up. Look below for a download link to your specific OS wallet.

Windows Wallet
Mac Wallet
Linux Wallet
Arena RoadMap

2018 Q3
  • Assemble Team
  • Network Test
  • Network Launch
  • Wallet Release
  • Vote on Exchange
  • MasterNode Sale
2018 Q4
  • Apply to Voted Exchange and Pay Listing
  • Vote for Second Exchange
  • Vote on MMO
2019 Q1
  • Contact MMO Developers
  • Start on Arena Platform for MMO Website
  • Apply to Second Voted Exchange and Pay Listing
2019 Q2
  • Launch Arena Platform on MMO Website
2019 Q3
  • Expand Platform for use with MMO Digital Goods
  • Start on In-Game Wallet
2019 Q4
  • Launch Arena Wallet in MMO
  • Integrate Arena into In-Game Economy
2020 Q1
  • Plan staking feature for In-Game Wallet
Meet The Team Behind Arena

Head of Project & Lead Developer

Blockchain Developer

Script Developer & Blockchain Developer

Graphics Designs & Website Development

Technical Support & Official Pool Manager

Technical Support & Official Pool Assistant Manager

Community Support

Lxxxsie zaxxxzzz
Community Support


Frequently asked questions

Below we’ve provided a bit of information behind Arena. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

What is Arena?

Arena is a Cryptocurrency that is made to be used with an Massive Multiplayer Online Game.

How many MMO's can Arena be used with?

We will only integrate Arena into 2 MMO Games. This will ensure that we can focus on fitting the coin into the Game and Game Economy.

How will Arena be used with an MMO?

Arena will have a Platform that will be built into the MMO Website as well as having an In-Game wallet.

What can you buy with Arena?

Once the Website Platform is up you will be able to buy digital goods for the game. When the In-Game Wallet is running you will also be able to purchase items directly during game-play.

What is the Arena Platform?

The Arena Platform will be a medium where you can use your Arena with the Platform features

What Platform Features?

The Platform will have a number of features, which will be influenced by the community. The main feature within the Platform is the Marketplace.

What will be sold in the Arena Platform Marketplace?

The Marketplace will have Digital Goods and Packages for the MMO that we integrate Arena into.

Other Features?

Other Features such as staking are planned for the Platform.


Get In Touch

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.